Private School Is A Wise Investment

As parents look into sending their kids to private school, the obvious question is “What are the benefits of going?” The answer is that some schools really offer more than others. Here are a few of the top reasons:

private school

First, private school graduates do better in public schools than in public schools. Jennifer Rutter-Kabat-Dietrich, director of academic success for the University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban Education Research, has studied the academic achievement of students who attended different kinds of private schools. She believes that hundreds of Grade 8 students in her public school undergraduate cohort took part in at least one private preschool class, where for tuition ranging from about $200 to about $2,200 a course, they can enjoy a lower class size, greater personalized attention and more likely to score well on standardized tests. Private preschoolers were also more likely to stay in those programs long enough to graduate, Rutter-Kabat-Dietrich found.

Second, private school graduates do better on the college entrance exam than their public school peers. According to an assessment done by University of Michigan psychologist John Schulkind, private school students score better than public school students on a variety of tests, especially standardized tests used by colleges. Private school students scored better on verbal reasoning and reading skills, as well as on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Third, students who attend private school are less likely to have trouble making it through the admissions process with traditional universities. The study found that, in the four years after first attending school, private school students made about half as many mistakes on the standardized admission test as students from other schools.

Fourth, if you are applying to a college, it is possible that you can save yourself money by taking a summer school program or getting a semester credit from a community college. For example, if you are majoring in business but you know very little about the subject matter, taking a business management class to prepare for your MBA may be an excellent way to learn what you need to know before submitting the school’s application. By learning the basics of management, for example, you will have a better idea of what you want to include on your MBA applications.

Finally, if you are working full time while you study, taking a summer program or taking college classes at night may help you find time to fit studying into your schedule. If you are in business and want to make the most of your free time studying, taking evening classes or evening courses will allow you to put more time toward your studies. In the end, if you do your homework, the benefits of going to private school are worth the time, energy and expense. After all, the time you put into school is how you pay off in higher education, and it is a good investment indeed!

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